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Country Jungle



Country Jungle has modern farmhouse furnishings and personalized gifts. We exude a town and country lifestyle offering many personalized products and unique styles for your home, family, and friends. There is a jungle of products out there, and if you are on the hunt for something special, we are here to help!

Are you looking for individual, fun, creative gifts? Check out our personalized gift section, where you will find many wonderful items to choose from in the sections of


1 Occasion

2 Recipient

3 Jewelry

Personalizing shows that you have taken the time to truly make that gift personal! Personalized products will also make your home feel even more like your home, with personalized throw pillows, wall art, eye-catching man-cave designs, and more.

In our Home and Garden department you will find many gorgeous bowls, silverware, and glassware. The glassware is unique and many of these glasses can be purchased with personalization. Everyone needs a glass of some sort; why not make it personalized? Country Jungle carries lovely water bottles, beautiful wine glasses and flutes, super cute coffee mugs, to choose from.

Our salad and serving bowls are charming with exquisite pewter added uniquely in some form or another. From adorable birds and elegant horses, to delightful vegetables, creating a beautifully crafted, individual look! Our flatware and cutlery is second to none. These embody beauty and elegance, which is crafted in luxury-grade pewter, with intricate style. They are a display of remarkable realism within each design.


Country Jungle also has a wonderful selection of stunning coffee tables at a great price! These coffee tables are an array of different styles to fit all your home needs. From modern farmhouse, a more bold and structured look, to a unique upscale style that will appease everyone. 

Why Shop at Country Jungle?

We want you to become our family. At Country Jungle we hope to be a part of your life from the day you get married to the day you decide to grow your family, if it be with children or just pets. We want to be the one you come to for every occasion. Please help us to help you with questions, ideas, and advice you have for us on how we can better serve you. Country Jungle is where you will find the unique, fun, and creative items you have been looking for, that everyone will adore. Country side farmhouse charm never gets old! Refresh your decor with a dose of cheer-and modern blend, of old and new-with Mother Nature as your muse. If it is Personalized Gifts, Wedding, Style, HomeEquine, or Pets, adding a recipient's name or a personalized phrase will make your gift so much more special and memorable. The Modern Country-Lux look has many layers to its look: simple modern wood and metal furniture; sturdy wheels adds flexibility and functionality; loungey, comfortable couches and chairs are a great way to relax. For the whimsical, yet upscale feel of a beach farmhouse, use fresh florals, farm animal prints, or a combination of sunny colors with earthy tones. At Country Jungle, we have gifts that are suitable for:

·       ​Outdoor and Indoor enthusiast

·       Clever Personalization visionary  

·       One who is getting married or going to a wedding

·      The Dog or Cat lover 

·       For the Rider or the Horse

Make Country Jungle your one stop town and country shop!  


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